Below is a list of some of our major projects we have helped to fund. As well as all of these we have supported charities such as Tommy’s, Comic Relief, Help A London Child and the Ken Rose Foundation.

March 2016

Lupus Charity

The Trust has donated £20,000 to the Lupas Charity to help fund research into the causes of this disease.


February 2016

Saint Francis Hospice

The Trust are incredibly proud to have donated £21,000 to cover the costs of running the Hospice on the extra day in February this year.


The Trust donated £250,000 to Helen Rollason to purchase the property so that they could run their Alternative Therapy Unit there

September 2009
Helen Rollason Cancer Charity
A commitment was given to the Helen Rollason Cancer Charity to raise £250,000 towards the relocation of their current support centre at Springfield Hospital.

May 2009
South Ockendon Zero Five Club

January 2008
Helen Rollason Heal Cancer Charity – NEW Alternative treatment centre.
The YJS Trust will be focusing fund raising efforts in 2008 towards the part funding of a new Alternative treatment for the Helen Rollason Heal Cancer Charity in Chelmsford Essex.

November 2007
Retired Greyhound Owners Association – on going support

Summer 2007
Queens Hospital, Romford – New friends and relative rooms.
The YJS Trust funded the fitting and decoration of a friends and relative rooms in the oncology department of the new Queens hospital in Romford.

February 2007
Alternative treatments booklet – British Lung Foundation.
The YJS Trust funded the research, production and distribution of a booklet that provided Alternative treatment advice and information.

November 2006
Retired Greyhound Owners Association – on going support

September 2006
Lung Disease and Cancer help DVD – British Lung Foundation
The YJS Trust helped fund the production of a DVD to help people with Lung disease and cancer. In many ways Yvonne was one of the lucky ones. She had a network of family and friends to help her in her battle against cancer. Many people are less fortunate and have to fight the illness alone or with dependants such as single parents. This DVD provided practical information including what the treatments patients may be having and also how to provide for dependants if the worst was to happen.

June 2006
Bobby Moore Foundation – Joint fund raising
A football world cup evening with guest speakers Bob ‘the cat’ Bevan and Tony Cascarino.

November 2005
Retired Greyhound Owners Association – on going support

September 2005
Colchester Stroke Unit – Purchase of a new hoist
The YJS Trust purchased a hoist for the stroke unit at the Colchester hospital which allowed patients to be moved around much more easily.


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