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The YJS Charitable trust was set up in memory of Yvonne Stewart who died of cancer in 2003. The Trustees of the Trust raise money through a variety of fund raising events and distribute to good causes which they believe Yvonne would have wanted to support.

The YJS Charitable Trust was set up in 2004 in memory of Yvonne Stewart. The Trust was founded by her three children, Daniel, Nina and Alex.

Yvonne StewartThe story begins in July 2002 when Yvonne was diagnosed with Lung cancer. She had never smoked. Her fight against the disease started immediately, but was sadly lost in September 2003, days short of her 57th birthday, despite the efforts of her oncologist Neville Davidson and the staff at the Nuffield hospital in Brentwood.

The Trust raises money through a variety of events and the Trustees distribute funds raised to causes they believe Yvonne would have wanted to support. The board of Trustees is made up of her husband Barry(Chairman), Nina (Secretary) and Alex and long standing friends,  Alan Cheek, Angela Sharp and Frank Sharp (Treasurer) and Ceire O'Rourke.

The Trust began life as the Breath of Life fund, part of the British Lung Foundation at the end of 2003. Around 5000 life-long-non smokers become ill with lung related disease and cancer every year. There is a history of negativism to lung charities within the media and the general public, people believe that patients with lung cancer somehow deserve to die. As a trust we know this not to be true.

By the end of 2004 the trust had registered with the charities commission in its own right. This enabled the trustees to support a wider range of good causes and not only the British Lung Foundation.
The trustees of the YJS Trust decided in 2006 that they would support good causes that promoted Alternative Therapies for cancer patients and their families. Yvonne used alternative treatments throughout her whole life not only during her fight against cancer.

In 2007 the Trust had a chance meeting with the Chief Executive of the Helen Rollason Heal Cancer Charity; right away it was clear that both organisations shared the shame views. From the beginning of 2008 the YJS Trust will be dedicating fund raising efforts for the Helen Rollason Heal Cancer Charity. Specifically in aid of a new alternative treatment centre in Chelmsford. In return for this support the new Centre will have a wing named after Yvonne. The trustees believe that this will be a long lasting and fitting tribute to her memory. In 2010 we donated £250,000 to Helen Rollason Charity to purchase a house for this use.

Since 2014 the Trust has been working closely with Saint Francis Hospice. We donated £21,000 in February 2016 to cover the extra Leap Year day so that they did not need to fundraise to cover this extra burden of an extra day's budget.

We have also been working with Lupas Charity and have recently donated £20,000 to research into the causes of the disease.



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